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True love. It’s the frosting to everyone’s cake but so far it’s eluded Sheri and Nancy. While for years Sheri has been “shut down like a bunker”, Nancy has tried every manner of meet-ups  and online dating imaginable. Sheri points out that while their approaches are as different as night and day, the results are the same. Single in their 50s.


The good news is that both Sheri and Nancy are both more focused than ever before to make all of their dreams come true, and that includes finding the soul-mate men of their dreams. This week’s episode is about their approach to the Romance & Sex pillar of their DreamQuest, and for this one they’re calling in the big guns: renowned Love Coach and Sex Therapist Dr. Laura Berman joins the show, and has private love sessions with each of our hosts. As Dr. Laura listens to their stories, she shares essential nuggets of wisdom and insight: calling in your femininity, turning on your “front porch light”, marinating in your own “feeling words” — all in the service to manifesting true love.



[4:05] Sheri and Nancy give us give a run-down on their status in the Romance & Sex Pillar.

[14:21] Introducing Dr. Laura Berman, This is Fifty’s Love Coach and Sex Therapist.

[20:21] Dr. Laura gives Nancy some solid love advice on how important it is to your open your heart and embrace that you may get hurt.

[34:42] Dr. Laura talks to Sheri about amping up her sexuality.

[37:28] Dr. Laura explains “Goddess Interrupted” — when we cut ourselves off from our sensuality and femininity.


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