DreamQuest 2018, Part 2

As Sheri and Nancy reflect on their 2017 DreamQuest pillars, they prepare for the year ahead. In part two of this two-part episode, they take a glance backward on some of the great successes of the year and realize how fun and joyous it was to live consciously with an eye on progress. In this episode, Sheri and Nancy get into the last three pillars: Creativity & Innovation, Friends & Family, and Adventure & Discovery.


Nancy shares exciting news about a new job and Sheri decides she’s going to learn Italian. Amidst other reflections, they announce a brand new DreamQuest Pillar: Sanctuary & Beauty. What a way to start a new year!



[5:12] When Sheri and Nancy look back on the pillars for 2017, they see how much it helps them to live mindfully and consciously. They’ve realized it’s totally fun to thoughtfully move towards your dreams.

[7:20] Sheri is applying the Wabi Sabi lifestyle towards her own “golden cracks.”

[12:12] Nancy’s Creativity & Innovation story is “new people, new places, new things” and expanding her horizons in 2018. She took a new job as the Chief Strategy Officer at MU/DAI, a design and innovation firm. She wants to implement a monthly Dream Big moment for the company, so stay tuned!

[16:09] In the Friends & Family pillar, both Sheri and Nancy plan to throw more dinner parties! Sheri wants to start a “salon” and Nancy is thinking about hosting monthly dinner parties, to connect with friends as much as possible.

[25:41] In the Adventure & Discovery pillar, Sheri signed up for an Italian language class. There also may be some hiking in the Alps on the horizon. Nancy is open to exploring her own surroundings and is going to treat her own new hometown LA like she’s a tourist — going places, seeing things.

[34:19] New Pillar Alert! Sheri and Nancy were so inspired in 2017 that they added a new pillar to their expanding lifescape: Sanctuary & Beauty. Sheri’s very first step towards creating a more perfect sanctuary has been decluttering old photos from her house, to make room for new memories and the present moment.


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