Mine Your LifeScape

In this week’s episode, Sheri and Nancy explain their definition of a LifeScape — the landscape of your life. They talk about how mining it consistently and diligently is one factor in being happy, fulfilled and well balanced. The good news is that every day presents a new opportunity to start, with small simple steps, tweaking things here and there. Even if it’s doing yoga for just 10 minutes a day, drinking more water, or adding some plant-based meals into your week, those things made a difference for Sheri and Nancy. Achievement in the Health & Wellness pillar is built slowly and consistently, but not by deprivation or limitation.


Sheri and Nancy share their successes and setbacks with fitness and diet, along with specific goals for the future. Ideal body weight, fitness levels and health goals are very personal things — it’s your own “recipe” — and they believe in being conscious and supportive about it in a joyous way. We would love to hear your own personal recipe for health. What’s worked for you? What new things about health are you discovering now?



[2:22] To join the DreamTribe with Sheri and Nancy, sign up at www.story.co.

[8:45] The Five Pillars of DreamQuesting are broken down again: Health & Wellness, Spirituality & Happiness, Romance & Sex, Friends & Family, Creativity & Innovation.

[11:28] This episode focuses on the pillar of Health & Wellness. Both Sheri and Nancy have had successes and setbacks in health and fitness.

[14:09] Tedious workouts and diet plans don’t work and they’re no fun.  

[16:55] Nancy gives a big shout out to Orangetheory Fitness, an interval training group exercise program that combines cardio, power, weights and resistance.


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