A year at belle vie

"It is never ever too late to make the rest of your dreams come true." That is the premise for A Year at Belle Vie a memoir from Oprah Show Executive Producer and former Co-President of Harpo Studios and OWN, Sheri Salata.
  • On the heels of her illustrious television career, Sheri Salata sets out at 56 years old to fulfill her own dreams of entrepreneurship, soul mate love, and an exploration of all that life can be beyond the C-suite single-minded devotion to duty. Along with a team of handpicked wellness experts, she embarks on an emotional and dramatically transformative year of radical self-care, and she is in good company. Like any "Thelma and Louise" style tale of adventure, Sheri is joined by longtime friend and soul sister, Nancy Hala, a Fortune 500 writer and brand strategist, on this epic roller-coaster ride. Mind, body and spirit are at the forefront of their daring midlife re-invention as they strike out together to take their lives to a whole new level of freedom, growth and joy.

    A Year at Belle Vie sounds a clarion call for women everywhere with the ultimate "Life Begins at 50 DreamQuest", to be published by Karen Rinaldi of Harper Wave, a division of Harper Collins.
  • More STORY publishing projects are in development – stay tuned.
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