International Women’s Summit Phoenix, AZ

Hey Friends!

Sheri here.

The International Women’s Summit in Phoenix was as soul stirring as advertised. Liz Dawn and her dynamic team of “make it happen” producers put together a thought provoking and joyous event. Nancy and I had a great time mingling with the attendees.

It was simply perfection for me to reconnect with old friends and fellow keynoters Marianne Williamson, Zainab Salbi, Lisa Ling and Elizabeth Gilbert. (Last I saw Liz, she and I were dancing on table tops performing a rousing rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”!)

Nancy’s personal branding workshop was so powerful you could literally hear a pin drop in that audience. Her fresh take on how to tell your own story really landed as I watched women laugh and cry their way through the 90-minute experience. Nancy asked us each to describe the central character of our personal BrandStory – OURSELVES. (Illuminating, I must say.)

We are hearing from many attendees who want more of this kind of offering from Nancy so we are DreamStorming the possibilities.

We met so many inspirers: Jamia Wilson, Maysoon Zayid, Heather McCloskey Beck, Denise Linn, Anita Moorjani.  One of our favorite moments of the weekend was getting to know bestselling author and personal growth superstar, Colette Baron Reid. Colette is hilarious and warm and smart, smart, smart. She is also a highly gifted intuitive and she gave us a reading right on the spot. It was really something! Nothing but blue skies for STORY and Orange Dragon Productions according to Colette.

Most of all, a gathering of engaged women who are not only seeking, but in the process of finding and becoming, is the most energizing company for me these days. I soak it up like a sponge and let that spirit carry me to the next right thing. So proud that STORY was invited to play a role and so appreciative of the incredible emails and posts we’ve received from our appearances in Phoenix. I love this one from Stephanie because it shows so clearly how we all play our roles with one another in being both the inspirers and the inspired:

I didn’t know why I came to the summit this weekend, except that the weariness of my stuckness became so loud that my highest self said, “Get thee to Phoenix…STAT!”

Today, it’s all clear. YOU were the muse I needed to affirm that my journey is exactly on track, that I have all that it takes to do the next thing, and that, truly, my best days are ahead of me. I still haven’t a CLUE what that looks like as I begin my Re-vision. However, I do know it’s going to be my best thing yet.

Thank you for revealing your slip-ups and pitfalls, your insecurities and confoundedness, your doubts and frustrations…in fact your HUMANNESS. In doing so, you’ve shined a light on what is possible when I hold the courage to be myself, on my own terms, and sheesh! Just trust my soul’s journey!!!

You’ve been officially added to my list of Admired Sisters. Thank you for sharing your story with us, so that OUR stories can shine more brightly.


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